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Frequently Asked Questions

Pecan Plantation

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch the video or see below for answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions.

What is Pecan Plantation, and where is it located?

Pecan Plantation is a master-planned community located amongst one of the largest pecan orchards in the country. We’re located in Granbury, Texas, which is just 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth, with easy access to and from the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

What types of land are available for purchase in Pecan Plantation?

We have a variety of different pieces of property that you can choose from. If you’re a pilot looking to build a hangar and a home, we have The Landings. If you’re looking to build a home for yourself or your family, we have the Orchards. We have properties from 0.3 acres up to 0.8 an acre available. We have some one-acre homesites right across from The Landings. Our community offers a variety of sizes, shapes, and prices.

How far away are modern amenities?

We have modern amenities right at our fingertips here, from a grocery store, gas station, pharmacy, and bank all within our community. Modern conveniences like HEB, Kroger, and Walmart are about 10 to 15 minutes away. Hospitals are located in Granbury and anything else you might need is within 40 minutes if you head up to Fort Worth.

What are the amenities at Pecan Plantation?

We have a full-service Country Club, two golf courses, two airport runways, an RV campground, village shopping center, lighted tennis courts, and pickleball courts, along with much much more. Pecan Plantation is a recreational haven for activities here.

Is there a time limit to build at Pecan Plantation?

There is no time limit to build and you could bring in any builder of your choice.

Can I choose my own builder?

You have the ability to choose your own builder and we have many we can recommend. You’re free to bring in your own – it’s totally up to you.

How does financing work?

Financing is available with a minimum 10% down. We have five banks that we work with that can finance up to 90% of the value of your lot. But you’re not required to use any of the lenders and are welcome to bring in your own if you choose.

Is there an HOA?

Yes. The HOA is only $199 a month, and again, that includes all of our amenities here, so you get quite a value for just $199 a month.

Are there any restrictions on what we can build?

The only restrictions when it comes to building are an 1,800 square foot minimum. There are also some masonry requirements on the exterior. The exterior needs to be stone, stucco, brick, and glass, which just protects your property value long term.

What are the utilities?

We provide all the utilities to the homesite. Water, sewer, electric, and high-speed internet come ready at your home site.

Are farm animals allowed?

Farm animals are not allowed here at Pecan Plantation. Household domesticated pets and horses are allowed, depending on the size of your property.

What school districts are close by?

Pecan Plantation is located in Granbury ISD. We have multiple K – 12 schools within a five to 10-minute drive, as well as bus pickups throughout the community.

Can I see what lots are available online?

If you can’t make it out to Pecan Plantation, the next best step would be a scheduled virtual tour with a land consultant. We’ll treat it just as if you’re right here with us. And we’ll be able to narrow down a couple of lots that best suit what you’re looking for. We can schedule a FaceTime, Zoom, or virtual web meeting in order to select the best fit for what you’re looking for.

Who is buying land at Pecan Plantation?

We got folks from all over the spectrum buying property here at Pecan. From young families just starting out and looking to raise kids, to folks a couple years away from retirement. People of all ages that are just looking to invest in some land and get their properties out of the market, out of the 401ks, and into a hard asset like land. We’re finding a lot of folks are simply just investing in here as well.

How much are taxes?

Property taxes are just 1.33% here in Hood County. No mud taxes or PID taxes, which is one of the one of the benefits of living outside of the city here in Granbury at Pecan Plantation.

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